Thursday, December 6, 2007

Things we do for fun

There are certain things we do for fun. Nonsensical things. Silly things. Things that have no real outcome other than enjoyment.

The things that make us feel like a kid again.

Riding a bike. We can claim it's for exercise but for me it's about feeling like we are going faster than I could ever imagine.

Throwing a snowball. Not at anything in particular but just picking up some powder, mushing it around in my hands and giving a good Umpf! while flinging it as hard as you can.

Holding a door for a nice old lady. Not for any other reason than your parents told you it was the right thing to do.

I think most people have forgotten these simple pleasures and replaced them with self importance and seriousness that can be put aside from time to time. Today a co-worker brought his 10 year old to work and I watched the look on this kids face as we did just those things. He was thrilled to throw a snowball, grinned like a gleeful little kid when I nodded approval as he held the door for an older lady who came in to buy a calendar, and just about lost his cookees giggling as we ran and skidded on the ice outside the museum. His dad was there too and had just as much fun.

I would hope that you all will take the time to play just a little for the sake of doing nothing else but playing. No charts to measure caloric burn, no clocks to time our duration of activity, no measuring devices to see how far we throw, how fast it goes or measure the splat pattern of the impact site.

And for those of you playing the game... Enjoy before that snowball melts, that bike rusts or that nice old lady has to grunt like a linebacker trying to open that door.


Janiece Murphy said...

I hope when I'm a nice old lady holding doors open for me will still in vogue.

Point well taken.

Jim Wright said...

Good Gravy, if you start talking about kittens next I'm going to have to pull an intervention...