Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I hate being ill

That's about it! Just hate, hate, hate it! I can't turn, I'm bored, it's my day off and I'm sick. I tried surfing the web but found myself hopping from turning site to turning site. I tried channel surfing but daytime television is worse than prime time which really sucks. So I does myself with Nyquil and crawl back into bed which lasts about 20 minutes then it's back to channel surfing and web surfing.

I need a shower, need food, need a cold compress, need a sexy female in a tight nurse suit like the old days with the buttons straining all the way up from the skirt that starts just inches from the top of sexy thighs. Instead I sit in my little RV with my notebook on my lap hoping to recover from nothing more annoying than a cold. But it's a really bad cold so I have the right to feel miserable and sorry for myself so there.