Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A premature posting

Today marks the T-Minus 17 days and counting for the launch of Beastly 1 from the little town of Salamanca NY. I have the route planned, all interested parties along the route have been warned and I am packing up like the Grizwalds on their way to Wallyworld. OK no kids or wife or dead Grandma or dog but a load of wood, a mini lathe and a bunch of FESTOOL. The camera is going too so watch for pictures. There will be many a review of towns, small dive type restaurants, roads and bridges too so this should be fun.

In preparation for this festive jaunt, I have closed up shop, sold off some inventory and will be carrying only the bare essentials. Clothing may have to be optional. I am getting antsy, have sufficiently procrastinated in hope of a good day before panic but everything is moving towards the fated day when I pull up the bumpers, free-up all lines and take her out.

Wish me luck all.