Wednesday, December 5, 2007

He's not in dis stove

My good friend Jim has pimped me in his blog and as it is a cold night and I am avoiding work it's time to set the record straight.

The Actual routine from Bugs and Thugs goes something like this....

All Right Rabbit. Where's Rocky? Where's he hidin?

He's not in dis stove.

Oho He's hiding in the stove eh?

Now look would I toin on da gas if my pal Rocky was in deir?

You might Rabbit. You might.

Well would I trow a lighted match in deir if he was in deir?


All Right Rabbit you've convinced me, We'll look for Rocky in the city.

I am not a crushingly large individual, Did not thunk John Lennon for his specks, have shattered a couple of noses with my hands behind my back and will drop everything if a slinky hot red head roams into my line of sight. There is only one thing that will make me drop everything faster and that is a cool foamy glass of John Smith's Extra smooth.

You too can make Kailu pig if you have a pork butt, 5 bannanas, aluminum foil, liquid smoke and naquida.

Thanks for pimpin me Jim... tell your Son Head on a plate. He will drive you mad for hours saying it. It just sounds funny

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Jim Wright said...

Naquida, the essential ingredient in any MacGyver project.

See what we're going to need here is 2 tennis balls, fifty feet of chainlink fence, a tube of 'Crest,' five gallons of white latex paint - and some Naquida...