Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What a way to start the day

Have you ever had one of those mornings that start out bad and lead you down that dark path for the rest of the day? Today I did the snow thing and at the end noticed there was a truck parked behind my Jeep. Ok there is a business right next to where I park so I figure it's gonna happen once in a while but this was placed directly in my path and while I was shoveling. The sniveling weasel purposely parked there to make some kind of point about my parking in a small patch of grass right next to the building. Well being as nice as I can be and because Weasel-man was in the store of an old family friend I politely asked if that was his truck and informed him that he had blocked me in. I mean I was really polite. Took a lot but I did it. Well then came the reason for the parking job.... He declared that he was coming to this place for 8 years and did all that he could to avoid blocking my driveway (an asphalt pad that houses the RV now) and that the place where I parked was obviously (insert business name here) property. OK that was totally uncalled for but out of respect for my friend I swallowed hard and only said "Well things do have a way of changing now don't they?" I have to tell you I tasted blood! My eyes bugged out my eyebrow went north and I put on my best I am gonna eat your liver smile.
And the day just got better. Everyone I ran into had some kind of axe to grind. in my direction. By the end of the day as I roamed through the local super market I ran into another of the lovely locals and got sniveled at again. Well that was about all I could take. Oh did I mention that these all were Man-bitches... This one got the brunt of the day and I invited to show him what his liver looked like! Ok it was a little over the top but Man-bitches piss me off. and a day loaded with man-bitches makes me see all kinds of red. There I feel better now!
Man-bitches beware. I am not happy and it's still snowing!!!!

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Terri Lorah said...

I found this blog in my rv searching! This blog is funny, you sound just like my husband.