Sunday, February 24, 2008

HINTS and out right STABS

OK I GET IT! I am falling into the trap that you have all set. I appreciate the interest and am including some of my favorites here. I have a paypal account to make life easy and will pass out the email address for direct contact. here are some of the photos I have done and there are more to come this evening when I get the finish on the latest two.



Janiece Murphy said...

Bwahahaha! My nefarious plan is working.


Beastly said...

Nefarious or not I'm working your corner so you get pick of the litter (on the house).

Janiece Murphy said...

I appreciate the offer, but I'm still sending you a check.

I wouldn't want the "Get Beastly to Alaska" fund to be underfunded.


Jim Wright said...

Yeah, get Beastly to Alaska, I'm all about that - he's bringing tools and exotic woods. So, buy his stuff - at the rate gas prices are climbing he's going to end up stranded in the middle of the Yukon in his RV.

Very nice work, Shawn.

Becca said...

Can you make something like your first piece in this article for a small salad bowl for me? Curious what this would cost, that piece is beautiful.

Beastly said...

Becca That is a really unique piece of wood from a maple burl. I have to stablize the wood with alcohol and polyurethane before I turn it so a food safe product it is not. I can recreate the shape in a more stable wood but you would lose all that grain and birdseyes. I will look around for something unique let me know what size you want it and I will give it a shot. That one is from a 6" X 6" X 2" blank so it is very shallow. Drop me a line with Burl bowl in the subject and I will let you know what I can do. How does lignum Vitae (bright yellow wood) sound?

Becca said...

Sounds great. If you could do that, I would love to see it. I am open to new ideas and supporting fellow bloggers/artists is always high on my agenda!

Do you have an email addy that I can email you at?

Beastly said...

That would be
yeah drop me a line I have the blank sitting there waiting to become something.