Sunday, February 24, 2008

REVISED: Bowls, boxes and other stuff from the lathe.

I posted a couple of photos earlier of some of my work but did not describe the pieces or place prices on them. This time I am at least going to describe the pieces. Jim Wright and I are partners in this woodworking gig. I learned how to turn about two years ago in Jim's barn/workshop and got hooked. So much so that I find myself tied to the lathe every chance I get. It's an expensive hobby for me as I do not have a place to harvest and store wood before I turn it so I look for deals on kiln dried exotics and turn them almost as fast as I find them... you see my lathe is in my brothers basement. It's a mini lathe with limitations on the size of the objects that I can turn so I am restricted to a 5" clearance, 10" swing and 14" spindle length. Ok this time size does matter.

My work is more stocking stuffer size with the exception of Maple and Myrtle objects because of weight and density of the wood as in the case of my friend Janiece (my pimpmomma) and her splated maple bowl.

Jim and I have different styles of turning and ornamentation is a fantastic feature he adds to his work. Where I rely on the character of the wood alone and have yet to master the green wood turning style of Jim's work. If it sounds like I am a fan of his art... Well yep I am.

So with all that said and a smattering of self pride and promotion... May I present, my stuff!

MYRTLEWOOD Hollow form. This here is the latest piece of work. A Myrtle wood bowl with a hollow form top rim. There are a number of knots running through it, holes where ants got to the blank before turning and unique grain that is typical of Myrtle wood. It is 7" across the widest part, 8" tall and finished with walnut oil and wax.
Price: $125, $10 SH (lower 48)

MYRTLEWOOD Lidded Box: Keeping with the Myrtlewood theme this is a lidded box that is very thin walled, thin walled on the lid too. It measures 2" wide at the base and rim and 6" high. finished in a tung oil and polyurethane blend.
Price: $35, $10 SH (lower 48)

MYRTLEWOOD Vase: From the same blank of Myrtle came this thin walled vase looking thingy. It is 1.5" at the base and the rim, 6.5" tall and very thin and light. Finished with the same tung oil and poly finish.
Price: $45, $10 SH (lower 48)

Now for the maple.

QM1 Hollow form small base:

Quilted Maple #2 Hollow form scored side Quilted Maple #3 Spalting along edge

Quilted Maple Bowls: Maple All three of these bowls came from the same spalted maple blank that Janiece's bowl came from. Each was cut furthest away from the spalting than was the first. Spalting is the dark stuff or a mold that grows along the grain. The darkest parts are the highest concentration of the mold but it made it throughout the blank. I chose different styles for these but they are all medium thickness walled, 7" across, 2.5 -3" high and all finished with tung oil/poly. Because of the spalting none are food safe nor can be finished for use with food.


QM#1 $45, $10 SH Sold

QM #2 $60, $10 SH Sold and shipping tomorrow.

QM #3 $60, $10 SH

That's it for now. I got more and plenty of bottle stoppers of various styles that range in size and are of various shapes from globes to chess pieces to wine bottle shaped. drop me a line on the blog and I will contact every one who may have questions or want to see more photos.


MWT said...

Well, I'm not likely to buy anything anytime soon, but I'm all for seeing more pics of stuff. ;) So far my favorites are those three down at the bottom (the stripey bowl and the the pair of urn-shaped things).

Beastly said...

Considering that I have been schleping this stuff around town for a while I will probably have them for a while so if you do want something there is no rush.
Thanks for looking.

Jim Wright said...

MWT, we're not pressuring you to buy anything - unless you win the lotto or something :) We'll have very cool stuff for you this summer, after Shawn drags his butt up here. I'm sure we can come up with something cool in your price range, or maybe in exchange for getting them to name a climate model after us or something ;)

My personal favorite is that square-edge turned platter in the previous post. That is an incredible piece of wood. Excellent form, Shawn, it shows off the figure perfectly. I think Becky would like that, just saying, you know should you still have it next summer.

Like Shawn said in the post, he and I have very different styles, however I am a big fan of his work. Especially the way he brings out the hidden form in each chunk of wood.

Janiece Murphy said...

Shawn called me his "pimpmomma."


Janiece Murphy said...

"Quilted Maple #2 Hollow form scored side Quilted Maple #3 Spalting along edge"

Has this been sold? My Hot Sister wants it for Christmas.

Janiece Murphy said...

#3 - the one that looks like mine. My cut and paste skills leave something to be desired...