Thursday, January 3, 2008

What children do

Today the class of 2008 visited the Rail Museum. Now these are 17-18 year old children from the Process in Government class and though most of them were well behaved, respectful to the Director of the Museum and carried out the tour without incident, there is always one.

A very large lad probably 18 years old, slopily dressed, unkempt, needing a haircut and a bath decided it would be "cool" to pick up an axe and swing it around. Now there is no lock on the tool display, heck they mostly sit on the floor in the baggage check room but we normally don't have to worry about visitors picking up the tools because they understand that they are artifacts in a museum. Hmmmm what would pocess this 220 some pound dolt of a child to pick anything like that up and then be stoopid enough to swing it around in a room full of antiques that are probably worth more than his family makes in a couple of years. When asked what the hell he was thinking his response was a mumbled "I don't know". Now the last time I used that line I was say 6.

So there we have it. What is coming of the next generation and the world we want to leave behind for them to manage. I think the fact that there are fewer bees in the world is the least we have to worry about. These children are out there, they are aging rapidly and oh yeah they are bucking for your job. And if that doesn't scare you enough... they are reproducing.


Jim Wright said...

They're reproducing true - but they don't last long, the really dumb ones anyway.

Think of it as evolution in action.

Maybe you should put out a few more axes, pitchforks, and a crossbow or two. They can learn about Darwin while they're on their field trip - kind've a two for one deal.

And speaking of which, your verification words are evolving: today is tiwgxgpy, sooner or later I'm going to have to type the complete works of Shakeseare

Jim Wright said...

Shakespeare. Damnit. It's late here, and I'm having issues.

Beastly said...

What's worse is that I probably know the kids parents and yep they were at the shallow end of the gene pool and probably related when they procreated. The really cool thing was though he did not exactly mean to do so, the boss essentially told this class to run away from this town as it's decline since the Railroad pulled out has been steady and continuous.

Nathan said...

And get the hell off my lawn, you whippersnapper. :-)

Actually, the kid's reaction is (slightly) encouraging. At least he had the social grace to be embarrassed when you called him on his behavior. A lot of kids I've run across would have angrily yelled at you for daring to question their behavior.


Janiece Murphy said...

Nathan, I agree. Most kids don't understand that it's an adult's responsibility to call out bad behavior whether it's your kid or not. They have some sort of strange idea that they're our equals.

I don't think so. You want to be my equal? Get a job and support yourself and your family.

And get out of my flower beds!

::Shakes Fist::

Beastly said...

Ok youthful Nathan and young miss Janiece I got the back handed geezer comments but as you may have gathered in the previous posts about this back ass town where I grew up, it's filled with rotten, miscreants with parents who have not learned to stand up and hold these little maggots responsible for their ilbegotten actions. Just slap on another video game or change the channel to the all JACKASS network and turn up the volume until the problem goes away. And instead of baseballs that have come into my yard I have a collection of skateboards and ipods. BTW I was always in trouble growing up, I just did not do anything destructive to other peoples property or public places.

Janiece Murphy said...

Beastly, actually my geezer comments were directed at me, not you.

Kids do have a sense of entitlement, and they really don't impress me. Except when they get a job and support themselves...legally.

Nathan said...

And mine did have a smiley. :-)