Monday, December 6, 2010

It has come to my attention, from the lathe, when it rains.

So there it was a lame attempt to fill the title of this most recent blog with a number of phrases that will get the general search engineer's attention and bring them to this blog. Yeah it is all science and number crunching and a big fat load of hooey if you ask me. I am not much of a writer in my book but in a couple of other people's opinion I do pretty good. Or would that be fairly well, well there goes the fun of doing this again. Self judging, second guessing and leaving my editing notes all over the screen again.

I am more interested today in singing the praises of one Ms. Susan D. Henson. In case anyone was wondering where I hang my hat these days well it is in a home that Susan so generously welcomed me into. A home filled with warmth, kindness, beautiful smiles, seasonal decorations, the aromas of good food, a good beer when you need one and now a pile of tools and wood in her garage. See I came for her retirement and wound up going north, packing my shop into the RV and driving it south to Virginia. I came for the party and never went away.

Now on to Ms Henson. My friend Susan. A Beautiful woman with a huge heart, a love for life and enough patience to deal with me. The things that define her in my eyes are

1. Her lust for life: Good food, good mead, good friends. Kind of a modern day Viking chick if you know what I mean. An educated palate, the southern upbringing that makes anything edible a potential meal, and no fear of experimenting with a variety of spice combination.

2. She is a hot chick! Can't say anymore because that would just screw this tribute up but in two words, Hubba, Hubba!

3. Patience: The aforementioned attribute that allows me to stick around. Thanks for that one.

4. Brilliance: Beautiful and Smart too? Yep you got it. An accomplished writer, a true artist of the written word.

5. Kindness: She has plenty of that. More than most actually, she volunteers, she donates, she sponsors children in underdeveloped nations, she gives to toys for tots, and spent three years growing a long head of hair for the Locks of Love (see organization. And a bunch of other stuff that just make me smile to think of.

6. Just lots of fun! She has friends, she enjoys her friends, she puts loads of faith in her friends and she is a true friend. One of those that you keep forever. One of those whom you do everything to make happy. One of those that deserves loyalty, fidelity, to be included in any party and made guest of honor at some.

So there you have it. My friend in only a few words. Not even scratching the surface of the person she is. Not even placing the light in a manner to illuminate the gracious person she is. And by no means, making the kind of heartfelt statement that I really want to. Guess I can't write as well as some people may think.

Ok now on to stuff from the lathe. I have not turned much more than pens lately. Somehow I got into them in Buffalo when I started doing them at work. The boss at that Woodcraft liked us to do something on the floor through the course of the day. (Very nice people Bruce and Sally Anderson) The store had limited traffic, because it is Buffalo NY and people there have learned to live on the cheap since Bethlehem steel closed in the 1960's. But the rest of Western NY and northwestern PA should take note that there is a Woodcraft there and just be nice enough to stop in! (insert Damnit here)

So I started making pens, perfume atomizers and kept going with the Christmas ornaments and other stuff that you could do in a couple hours. Go figure I did it during the work day, and who wants to haul stuff back and forth from work?

Sample photos follow:

And to the When it Rains portion of this post. Hey I got here in November and have been loving every minute of this. I have had the opportunity to spend time with a very good friend, get to know some good folks, see an old friend from High School days, talk to another friend on the phone but not get to see her yet, and get adopted by a cat that does not make me sneeze nor make my eyes itch. Go figure I would have all this luck. I even got a job selling tools here (even if it is just Craftsman at Sears) . So I am off in my goulashes to turn for the day in a lovely woman's driveway, being watched through a window by a cat.

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